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No more outage with our generator & transfer switch combo

In today’s world, power outages are becoming more frequent. Installing a generator transfer switch is a smart decision to ensure that you and your family do not experience long periods without electricity, and can continue your daily activities without difficulty.

What is a transfer switch and why is it important?

The switch manually turns your house from the mains to the generator. It prevents power from going back to the utility lines.

This is very important when it comes to safety. It is required by law when you install a generator. If you do not have a transfer switch on your generator and there is a loss of power, then electrical energy can be transferred back to the utility lines. This electrical back current could cause the utility workers to get electrocuted and the homeowner would be liable.

A generator transfer switch would prevent that from happening. It would also prevent overload on the generator.

Another reason to install a transfer switch is – without it, you can power only electronics that have a standard plug, nothing hardwired.

Can this system power my whole house during an outage?

A 5kW power output is sufficient to run your lights, sockets, and basic appliances, such as TVs or fridges and freezers.

If you plan this properly you can even power your hot water cylinder while the rest of the house has low loads (sleeping). However, it is insufficient to power more power-consuming items like heat pumps and ovens.

Can I install a transfer switch by myself?

These works require an ROI from an electrical inspector – to make sure everything is done right and to keep you safe.
Therefore, contact our professional team and we will get it done for you in no time!


With over 25 years of industry experience, and a sophisticated electrical safety management system, Trilect Services is one of the top choices when it comes to commercial electrical work. We are unwavering in finding the best and most cost-effective solutions for our customers.

We are members of the Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand (SEANZ) which offers additional peace of mind to our customers.

Trilect does not use sub-contractors. All of the installations will be carried out by our experienced team.

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