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We have created this FAQ's section to help answer common questions we get in regards to our services or electrical safety.

What can I do if my safety switch trips?

This means that the switch has detected a fault in the electrical system. In some cases a safety switch can be reset depending on the type of fault detected. You should never attempt to continue resetting the safety switch as it can affect the operation of the device if a future fault was to occur. The cheapest and easiest way out is to call an electrician to diagnose. Safety switches are a must have, if you suspect your switchboard has not been fitted with one of these, you should make contact with an electrician as soon as possible.

If my wiring is okay but I suspect my switchboard is outdated do I need to replace it?

Modern day switchboards come with switch type circuit breakers and safety switches which help to save lives and prevent you and your family from being electrocuted. Not only are these switchboards safer but also make resetting of circuits easier. Faults and problems are easier to detect and the chance of an electrical fire is greatly decreased.

I have circuit breakers installed in my switchboard already. Do I still need electrical safety switches?

Yes. A circuit breaker is designed to protect the cables and accessories installed in your premises only. A safety switch is designed to protect you, your family and employees. However, electrical safety switches do not protect under all circumstances. Your licensed electrician can install one of these for you.

When should I have an electrical safety check?

We recommend that you should have an electrical inspection carried out if:

  • You are purchasing a property that has been occupied.
  • The property is more than 25 years old.
  • If it is more than 12 months since one has been done.
  • If you are concerned about how any of the equipment may have been installed.
Preventative maintenance – why bother?

We all service our cars and keep fuel in the fuel tank so we don’t run out. We even keep our bodies in shape by eating healthy foods and exercising.Why is it a secret that electrical systems also benefit with preventative maintenance. Its cheaper to keep things running?

It is far cheaper to arrange regular electrical preventative maintenance than it is to deal with a breakdown, which can stop progress and cost the business money in lost trading.

Will switch to LED down lights save me money?

Each year, more and more people are saving energy by switching to energy saving LED’s. The low quarterly electrical bills eventually pay for the greater investment of LED lighting installation and increased benefits to actual energy savings. LED downlights have 70% less energy usage for running costs, about one-eighth that of a halogen, and one-half that of a fluorescent.

What is safety switch and do I need one?

Safety switches protect you, your family and anyone visiting the property. They are designed to prevent death or serious injury from electric shock. Regardless of whether you own or rent, you should consider having safety switches on all circuits. One switch may not be enough.

I am purchase a new home, can you inspect & provide me with a pre-purchased electrical report?

Yes, one of our licensed, qualified electricians can provide you with a comprehensive inspection report and talk you through what may need to be done. A standard building inspection is generally only a visual inspection. Electrical wiring may not be included, and may require a special purpose inspection.

Do your staff have the relevant safety qualifications?

Yes. All our electricians comply with all safety and training regulations.

Who will be sent to my premises to complete the work?

A qualified, licensed electrician & possibly an apprentice who posses the required skills & experience to complete all works.

What is an MDF Jumper Connection?

An MDF Jumper connection is a service that you may require when you have ordered a new telephone or ADSL service to be installed. The MDF is the Main Distribution Frame. It is the point in the building where the Chorus cables from the telephone exchange enter a Multi Dwelling Building (e.g. strata building, apartments etc). The cables from Chorus need to be connected to the “internal cabling”, which is the cabling within the building that runs from the MDF out to each apartment or suite. When we do an MDF Jumper connection or A to B Connection for you, our technician will first test the line from the socket in your apartment or suite down to the MDF so as to identify it. Then the line from the exchange, previously identified and “tagged” by Chorus will be connected to your internal cabling. The last step is to test the performance of your connection at your socket using our specialised line testing equipment to ensure the best possible performance.

Do you offer 24 hour emergency services?

Yes, we do. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss more about this.

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