Electrical for School

Empower educational spaces with Trilect's expert electrical solutions

We’ve earned a reputation for delivering reliable and efficient outcomes in the field of electrical projects tailored to the education sector.

Our success is built on robust processes and systems, allowing us to transform your educational vision into reality. What distinguishes us in Auckland is the seamless integration of our skilled team with cutting-edge systems. By deeply understanding your educational objectives, we craft conceptual designs in harmony with your vision and provide precise cost estimates, empowering you to make well-informed decisions.

We provide these electrical services for education sectors

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We specialize in carefully designing and skillfully installing modern electrical systems customized for various educational settings.

From classrooms and labs to offices and other learning spaces, our team is committed to creating straightforward electrical solutions that perfectly match the specific needs of each environment.

Trilect specializes in installing and maintaining secure access systems for educational institutions. Our expertise includes robust commercial gates with features like barrier arms, cable gates, and intercom systems.

We offer comprehensive solutions to enhance security and access control, ensuring a safe environment for students, staff, and visitors.

Committed to optimizing lighting solutions, we specialize in energy-efficient and thoughtfully designed systems to enhance visibility and create conducive learning environments.

Our installations go beyond basic illumination, aiming to positively impact the educational experience through careful consideration of functionality and aesthetics.

Trilect specialize in the expert installation and upkeep of safety systems, encompassing fire alarms, security lighting, and surveillance systems, meticulously designed to ensure the safety of students, staff, and property.

Our focus on fire safety involves deploying advanced alarm systems, complemented by regular maintenance to promptly detect and address potential hazards.

Strategically integrating solar panels in educational facilities reduces reliance on traditional energy sources, minimizing carbon footprints.

Committed to environmental stewardship, our sustainable solutions yield immediate cost savings and align with long-term sustainability goals, fostering an energy-conscious culture within educational institutions.

Trilect specializes in providing extensive wiring and infrastructure support customized for the seamless integration of technology, covering smart classrooms, AV equipment, and IT systems.

Our expertise guarantees a technologically advanced environment, fostering optimal functionality and connectivity to enhance educational experiences.

Trilect specializes in deploying energy-efficient solutions, utilizing renewables and advanced management systems to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Our focus on sustainability and innovation aims to create a more resource-efficient and cost-effective energy landscape.

Trilect excels in installing backup power systems, including generators and UPS units, ensuring uninterrupted operations during outages.

Our expertise in providing reliable and efficient solutions guarantees that businesses and institutions can maintain continuous functionality, minimizing disruptions and safeguarding against power interruptions.

Trilect specializes in the design and implementation of efficient power distribution tailored to diverse electrical needs in educational facilities.

Our expertise ensures that power distribution systems are strategically crafted to meet the specific requirements of classrooms, laboratories, offices, and other educational spaces.

At Trilect, our mission is to empower education with top-notch electrical solutions

We have a demonstrated history of supporting various educational institutions throughout the nation with their varied electrical needs.

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Trilect, a commercial electrical group with over 20 years of experience, is dedicated to providing exceptional service and achieving 100% client satisfaction.

We proudly serve clients across New Zealand, offering a comprehensive range of electrical services. From new installations to ongoing maintenance, our team is skilled in handling various projects with precision and expertise. Whether it’s implementing solar solutions or installing automatic gates, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver reliable and efficient results. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our extensive industry experience, sets us apart as a trusted provider in the electrical field.

At Trilect, we are passionate about meeting the diverse needs of our clients and ensuring their utmost satisfaction with every project we undertake.

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I was recommended to Trilect by a gate supplier and found their service to be well above expectations. They were prompt in their service and worked to resolve a situation that I had. They kept me updated proactively along the way. Could not ask for more from them. Definitely can positively recommend their service.

Raymond Meade

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